Saturday, February 13, 2010


She was deeply engaged in the ups and downs that her friends were living through -here's a sample of how she felt!

Monday 8th February 2006
I met this friend (who loves films and acting) on the road today and had a longish chat with her. Feeling so bad for her, it is so SAD. She’s gotten into debts and stuff. She was disgusted by the way a director was treating her. She decided to make a play herself and borrowed money. The play got cancelled. And now she has to repay it all. Poor thing. This director really exploited her. I believe the whole idea for his newest film is actually her concept. When she’d gone to Mumbai she'd gone on a crazy walk around the town, really sad and all. She’d written about this and asked him to read the stuff. He read it and said it was nice and that he’d adapt it to Hyderabad. As usual the dubbing was before her exams. He told her the recording would be on a particular day. When she called him the day before, he coolly says “Your voice is not good, your accent is not good, I got an RJ (?)" to do the recording”.
CRAP! She wrote the whole goddammed script, he plagiarised it. She was looking forward tot eh voice bit coz otherwise it’s just a girl walking around town. The dialogues were close to her heart.
She didn’t even know about the screening at HCU. He is such a CHEAP BASTARD. I hope that one day she becomes a great actress while this chap remains a nobody. That would be so cool!

Still 8th
Spoke to another friend today. She seems to be feeling so SAD. It’s so horrible…she’s feeling so low about her new college…about the way people treat her there. They think she is dumb and stiff. The way she’s failing her exams and stuff and how they‘d probably think they are right in thinking she’s dumb.
I think after the old college –and the high that comes with it- the way she was respected and valued and admired there-it must be really tough.
It’s horrible even to imagine; poor thing she is feeling lonely and all. She went and watched Rang De Basanti alone.
She was s’posed to meet a friend today at a certain time. And when she got there this chap was still at home! She wants company, she needs friends.
And another chap she liked sent her an email ending that he was sorry about her grandmother and asking if she was very close to her! I believe she started crying and didn’t reply for a week. I can understand the feeling the unsaid part.
I can understand the feeling. I sympathise fully. But I dunno if I conveyed that. I’m such a COLD person .if I am all the sympathy giving source she has it must be tragic. But I bet she has other sources. She is such a friendly person.

Monday 6th February
I’m feeling real bad about the way I treat this friend… how I hardly ever think of her, how I’m goddam selfish, how I’m barely ever true to her. Gosh 1 I hate this. I victimise her the way I believe some others victimised me. I kinda exploit her and yet she is so faithful and nice and concerned and all. She is a very caring person and is equally sensitive. I’m sure I’ve hurt her innumerable times and in spite of that she remains so caring.

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