Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dangers on the Road and More Films

I do remember how shocked she was,poor thing! Also rememeber how her sister slapped someone for annoying her on the Tank Bund.I felt worried of course since they both rode bikes and came home at all hours!

And for a person agonising over exams she seems to had time for lots of films!
We saw Didier and RDB together.
BTW I am posting on Friday coz I wont have access to the internet tomorrow in my travels.

Tuesday February 7th 2006
"Eve teasing"!
God its DISGUSTING, REPULSIVE. I dunno how to describe it even. I was coming back home on my bike…helmet on my head and all…it would have been tough to realise I was a female and all except for my flowery Salwar Kameez which made it evident I guess. There was this bike behind me, just on the street next to ours…he was coming towards my bike ..I thought it was just plain bad driving. So I moved to the side-that BASTARD had the AUDACITY to nearly hit my bike, put out his hand and touch the breast region of my salwar kameez.
God! Its so HORRIBLE. So DANGEROUS…Right street from home..and this for a girl on a bike wearing a helmet,hardly feminine. DAMN. Its so YUCK. I was SO shocked I just stopped there for two goddam minutes looking back a the moron who drove away. I thought of noting the number ..a moment too late. He had turned the corner. I was so SHOCKED it took me two minutes to think of following and noting the the time I reached the street corner he was nowhere to be seen.
It’s so HORRIBLE and YUCK. It’s DISGUSTING.I FEEL SICK. I WANTED AT FRIST TO CALL Amma and tell her. But then I realised that I’d probably forget it and she will get all anxious and worked up and stuff. It is so horrible.
Why? Was the guy some sort of sex obsessed moron who randomly targeted girls on bikes? Was it a dare? The madness of youth, as I was thinking in the criminology class? Jeez. How sick is that?
I’m gonna change my clothes watch TV and forget it all. I must tell Amma this but I guess ill tell her when she gets back home. God, its so horrid, I have to go to French class library today .I'm scared. This happened in BROAD DAY LIGHT on a deserted road ..

Thursday, January 26th 2006
Saw this movie (on DVD) called Didier. It’s absolutely marvellous. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it. Even Appa though he doesn’t know any French. ‘Twas darned nice about a lab who becomes human and then dog again. Darned cute and the guy who played Didier acted SO WELL. You could really feel he was a large clumsy Labrador…gnawing his hand, going around in circles before sitting, scratching his ears with his hind foot, it was hilarious especially the stuff he did as footballer.

Friday, 27th January 2006
Rang De Basanti
Saw RDB today-it was really well made. What do I say? It made me feel bad. The camera work, the cinematography, the sounds, the music, the acting ---all that was excellent. So were the basic concepts…very touching the way crazy history keeps repeating itself meaninglessly.
I understood Baghat Singh, Chandrasekhar, Azad… and them dying for liberty. That makes sense. ..not really…its grotesque, HORRIBLE. The little boy watching everybody die at Jallinawalbagh..not just die , MURDERED, KILLED, MASSACRED. Horrible. Growing up...violence is the only answer.
What happened then/ the pilot died. The defence minister was assassinated. Aamir Khan on his bike…Chandrasekhar Azad. The craziest thing is they become their roles, as though they were reborn. Is it heroism in them? Or is it just bravado aggression and madness of youth?
The first part of the movie makes one feel so futile… so bad about how today’s youth has no fire, no zeal left. All we have is virakthi and laziness and being resigned to one’s fate. Just drunkenness, discos, rash driving, bizarre hairdos, tattoos, clothing, smoking, drugs...above all a sorrow at all this…leading to the empty purposeless feeling.
Oh well basically it was a well made film. The past and present blended so well. Its very complex, dunno how to put it into words.

February 4th 2006
Saw Legally Blonde. This made me think of Janet Bond. I should get around to finishing that someday.


  1. Felt YUCK even reading it. And RAGE, murderous rage. Poor child ! our poor girls ! So many girls out there going about their business and sickos like this on the prowl . B*****DS .

  2. Something similar happened to me too thirty years ago.It was a passing cyclist while I was walking on the road. It psyched me out so much that for years I would move away whenever I saw a cyclist coming towards me.Its a part of being a woman in this world,having to bear these indignities.

  3. YUCK!!! cant believe that guy could do that and get away with it!

  4. This happened to me in a rock concert... was shocked out of my senses. Cudnt even do anything abt it :(