Saturday, December 26, 2009

On Problematic Parents

Dear readers
Wish you all a happy new year!
With this post I complete the snippets from her diary for 2005. I found some of them extremely tough to read and accept- and some of them gave me great happiness. For me it has been a wonderful way to find solace and support every now and then. I now plan to go to the diary of 2006
Before I do that could you please comment on what this is doing for you and offer your suggestion on how it can be done better.
Thanking you all in advance for you views

2nd December 2005
On Problematic Parents
Jeez! I used tot think that my friend S was an exception to the rule…one of the few people who suffered who had REAL problems and troubles from her parents as against my illusory ones. But slowly I learnt that most people have troubles with their parents.
I am really lucky to have the parents I do… and yet even with such nice supportive helpful parents ….who if nothing else does not TRAUMATISE me…I manage to find fault with them and magnify their smallest defects into gargantuan proportions. I dunno. Just look at all the others. They have so many problems and yet they strive to solve them and better their lives. I have everything smooth and easy and yet I tell myself, “Oh life is TOUGH!” Learned helplessness. I wan to be helpless so I can shirk responsibility. I am 19 and behave like at max -12 years old.
Anyways talking about others problems…
No need to go back to middle school and my friend and her Chaachi...dont know much about it.
One friend’s mother ill-treats her –comparing her to her brother, neglecting her, suspecting her, making her feel unloved, all this happening in an INTENSE manner. Her dada didn’t care…too involved in the office.
Another case. Loving mother away from home, dad not understanding, nothing in common, doesn’t speak to her. She wants to go away from home, tries to escape constantly.
And with another friend, closed environment, narrow thoughts, overly conservative, involving her in all the family fights and problems. She has to conform to the conservative norms at home while she comes to school and college.

Oof, it’s horrid and I crib!


  1. I comletely wait for saturday to arrive every week. Loved each and every post. Keep continuing the great job. I have no suggestions really. I think the length and content chosen are appropriate and perefect.

  2. This blog helped me know sides about suku that I did not know even have a clue to. Reading these I realized how busy I get with my own life and trivia, I sometimes do not have time to listen to the stories and of the ones I care about and pay attention to how they feel.

    I do realize a lot of this is painful to you LI and other readers.....more power and to you li to continue with this blog. Ditto live tejaswini I wait every weekend to read it. You can count on me to chip in with any bit of this journey. Hope to see you soon.

    Hugs to suku Happy New Year to Y'all.

  3. I am so scared memories fading away ... This blog brings back little incidents I never thought I would remember - Wish I had kept a diary myself! ...Some posts have been very tough and sad to read - I would have never had the courage to read through her diaries myself.

  4. i feel more close to gowri now... i mostly enjoyed my differences with her, andat times got irritated with them...i m amazed at how similar we r deep down ... somewhere we r all same... so one! i really wish to look forward to some nice reads from her 2006 diary.