Saturday, January 2, 2010

Growing Up!

Dear readers,
Greetings for the new year from Dubai.
Am here for a brief holiday and it is indeed a magical world here. Nice to be with my brother’s family!
Thanks for the responses. It encourages me to continue. As far as I can recall the birthday bash described here was not shared with me and I do not recall any ‘permission’ seeking!
Anyway I’m glad she had her fun.

9th January 2006
Birthday Bash
It was my friend N’s birthday yesterday. We went to her house and her mom had made chocolate cake. There were five of us (including N). N turned 21.she said she could legally buy us a drink. At first I thought it was a joke. But I have been wanting to taste alcohol for a while now. I wanted to try alcohol and cigarette before I left Nizams. So I was also a little more than willing. Since T was unwilling I convinced her as well. I guess it’s just to feel a little cool. I dunno. Anyways, when T and I expressed our doubts, a said Bacardi breeze is nothing, it has only 0.4% alcohol and it won’t make anyone drunk.
I was afraid since I had to drive back. But I thought 0.4% alcohol couldn’t really do too much anyway. I had already told Amma I was planning to try all this. So I kind of had her permission and Appa believes in experimentation and stuff. So I don’t really have reason to feel guilty. But I did when I came back and I didn’t tell Appa. T actually told her Dad and he just smiled. Guess I’ll tell Appa this evening .Dunno if I should, if it is truly that important.

Anyway we went to this place (park) called The Lotus Pond. It was REALLY BEAUTIFUL. The trees the lake the birds. It was AMAZING. That’s where we tried to booze…we did also. Actually it was lemon and orange juice mixed in some kind of tonic. It wasn’t great or tasty or anything, but it was fun. After that we had noodles fried rice and Manchurian and I came home.

Field Trip
Yesterday we returned from Ranipet. We had a nice trip and I got to take many nice photographs. Saw the Delhi gate at Arcot and the driver claimed that there was a tunnel from there to Delhi! Saw Robert Clive market too.
Went to amma’s friends house for dinner… met a pati there who was real nice. She wrote a cook book for her grandchildren. They were quite nice and normal. Actually, I had developed quite a caste prejudice thanks to thatha and our caste obsession in Nizams. So it was pretty surprising to find them all so nice.
Anyways came to Madras and visited my uncle aunt grand mom etc. Also visited Jai uncles house and met Ved and Hasita.The train was late and am feeling sleepy now.

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  1. Adventurous kid ! I can well imagine how a "permission" can be assumed as given. We were once 20 too, Moichee !