Saturday, January 30, 2010

Name for the year

Friday 3rd February 2006 (continued )
What’s in a diary’s name?
She had a name for her diary each year …and here’s how CONFIDENT arrived. and she certianly grew confident that year
The other day I thought law was the answer...thought I’d missed an opportunity for the five year course. I saw NLSIU’s max age was 20 and I’m just 19. I thought maybe I could apply…but five years later at 25 I’d have a BALLB. What problem could I have about that? I’d be the oldest in my class…never mind that aspect…am I cut out for law?
Firstly I lack the confidence. Is anyone ever cut out for anything? I don’t think I’m cut out for anthropology or linguistics either. But at least I could be quieter in those professions…basically what I need to develop and cultivate is confidence. With that will come a sense of certainty and purpose and that is IT. I go on happily, making decisions and not have time to think about what could have been…and publish such amazing stuff that I’d become famous . HA HA HA
But I do aspire for that. That and finding true love though after yesterday’s conversation with two friends, ‘true love’ is becoming less and less appealing. We were just thinking how true love happens when a person is not at all attractive. But when a person is smart or beautiful or attractive in any sense, it’s not true love. So when someone says he/she is in true love with some one else that means the other person is ugly dumb unattractive to the core, HA HA HA. Enough of pethal (tamizh for nonsense).
So my plan ..become CONFIDENT. You know what I’m going to name you CONFIDENT cause you’re gonna help me become confident and I’m also gonna CONFIDE in you. So CONFIDENT, what do you think? Sure? Confident? Lock kiya jaye?computer ji lock CONFIDENT. Aur aap jeet gaye hain do karod rupaayee. Aur yeh hai, kaun banega Bore pathi dvithiya.

Ordinary things…
Thursday January 26th 2006
Happy Republic Day
“Long live the republic!” like that anchor in AIR wanted to say. Funny it was. We went to All India Radio for a talk show on development. Time-pass! Four of us –and my friends T and B spoke real well. So we came on AIR today!
My (another) friend was pissing off today...she always thinks she can make assumptions about me and everybody else on earth, but that nobody should ever draw logical deductions from her behaviour… that would be presuming too much and oh she might just feel hurt! How can anybody say anything to her without seeming unreasonable, unfair, prejudiced and biased towards her? And for her no other perspective has the faintest likelihood of being even remotely reasonable.


  1. hahahahaha, analysis of true love!!!

  2. Yearly names for a diary ? Thats zany ! The "pethal" about True Love....LOL ! :-))