Saturday, May 15, 2010

French Exams

Today was really a once in leap year kind of day!
Had my French Class exams for N 200. I messed up both the written and the orals more than somewhat. Even got two or three giggling fits in the orals. Got pissed off and came home in a hurry. Didn’t even say a proper bye to my friends and maybe I’m seeing them for the last time. I’m sure will miss them
Anyways came home and had along phone conversation with Seva without getting yelled at by Appa or Amma though they were both home. Luckily they were both asleep.

Then read “The Crystal Cave” for a long time. I adore Mary Stewart for recreating the life of Merlin as a person rather than a legend. How I love her book. More than just a story it is a spiritual eye-opener. It makes me think of myself-my childhood –so ordinary it seems. Too goddam hot –I need a shower.

Then went to the Spykar store where I got a top for the coupon and Amma bought me a pair of jeans. Then to Cauvery Aunties’ place and then to Sumi’s place. Sumi and I played battleship. Met her grandmother after ages. Cauvery auntie gave me atop too. Had dinner out including khubani-ka-meeta.

2nd March 2004
And Disastrous Results!

Damn, Shanti ma’am called me sometime back. Believe I failed in the oral. OFCOURSE I knew I would fail as soon as I had given it. But I didn’t realise it till now that I was not only letting myself down but also letting shanty down. Such a sweet person and she was so sure at I was certain to pass. Boy, am I moody! Just because it was hot afternoon! I believe I can go for a week class before the next N200 exam and then give it again. Shanty doesn’t want me to give up. She wants me to keep in touch and be substitute niece and I’d love to, too.
Its ok life’s tough!

3rd March 2004
And Reactions!

I must remember that the ‘Goa Beach’ t-shirt is most unlucky. I wore it for all the afternoon exams thinking git will be comfy. NALSAR, driving test, and N200. Even before that I’d worn it for a physics test which I really messed up. I MUST NEVER WEAR MY GOA BEACH T-SHIRT FOR AN EXAM.

7th March

I dunno where to start. I feel miserable. I’ve just realised that no matter what I do Amma’s gonna be there and try to help me out and be good to me and all. Though she is full of good intentions I want to get away somewhere far where she can’t control me-not control me exactly- even HELP me.
I want to find whatever on my own and I don’t want me to do what they want me to and I don’t want to rebel either. I want to go somewhere far away where nobody can reach me…can trouble me. I’ve always wanted to… after 6 months of ignoring it, it has come back with a bang. I dunno...this strong belief that I’ll lead blocked boring life dictated by her goodwill, I’ll never do anything outstanding, and I’ll never find a crush let alone a true love. I’ll never find magic I’ll never find anything interesting, I’ll fail in everything I do.. This is really eating me.

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  1. The Goa Beach T.Shirt superstition brought a smile.
    I guess, no one escapes it !