Sunday, May 23, 2010


12th March 2004
Can’t guess the context in which this was written!
Truth – Yours Mine and Ours! Some things which are obvious to one person which seem real –like the objective truth and hence not expressed may just get lost in time until someone expresses it or formulates a theory on it. Therefore there is no objective truth. When many subjective truths intersect the area of intersection is the objective truth. However there might be many other subjective truths which come nowhere near it and many other such intersections which are again different objective truths.

4th April 2004
She was keen to experience working in an ad agency and yet hated missing out on her vacation. And she did feel she was doing them a favour!
Job Search
Have so much to study and I just don’t feel like it. The lady from the ad agency was so goddam mean and nasty. I’m not inferior to her in any way. I hate to have to beg for a silly summer job. All those seniors who didn’t do anything-I guess they had some kind of sense.
Feel like I’ve bloody wasted my life. I must study so much and she has ruined my mood. I’m feeling so sad though this is so trivial.
I’m too sensitive. What am I going to do in life? How will I ever do anything great if all I want to do is to shrink back into a lonely childhood? Am I really getting educated enough? Will I have the guts to go into a forest retreat? When? How am I going to learn and earn up to then? How am I going to pass tomorrow’s exam?
I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can’t do anything creative. I don’t even know if I can do cartooning because I never practice regularly. I have stopped looking at the funny side of things. I’m just clumsy, dumb and stupid. But I love myself, I do!

6th April 2004
Teaching Kindness
Gosh! Vinita ma’am is so sweet and nice. I really adore her. She doesn’t do anything wrong but doesn’t mind others if they do wrong. And she sure as hell does more than her duty. Just called her because I had a doubt and she’s like you can call me even at 12 if you have a doubt. Why is she so kind to those who don’t deserve such kindness? Guess there’s nothing like deserving kindness. I guess all people do deserve it. Maybe I should start and try being unconditionally kind to people like she is. I’ll try. Must call her tomorrow after the exam and tell her how everybody did. She asked me to. Hope she’s around next year.

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