Saturday, June 12, 2010

French classes and so on

May 27th 2004
French Connections
Guess what? So strange! Of the four trainees at the ad agency –N, S, K and me –all four of us have learnt French at the Alliance and flunked the N200S there! One girl did her 100 and 200 under Shanti but doesn’t like her though! I felt so bad when I realised that my favourite teacher could be disliked and spoken ill of! I kinda made it clear that I really adore her.

15th June 2004
A favourite Student
Gosh! I’m SO HAPPY. Just spoke to Shanti ma’am. I SO LOVE talking to her. She is so sweet and nice. She’s like the nicest teacher I have ever had and the only one who had a soft corner for me...and that too because of my looks. Funny! It’s real good to look like your teachers niece.
Bet u can’t believe it. I actually did some painting today. Not too bad.

26th June 2006
Exam Fever
Just saw part of the film “how to lose a guy in 10 days”. Boy! It was simply too funny.
Had my examen orale today. I did it much better that last time. I think I’ll pass. I was so relived that I have been wasting my time through out. Haven't studied for the written exam at all!
I wanted to call Shanti ma’am, but before I could she did! I don’t deserve all the love she gives me…she gave me some tips on how to study for the exam. She’s sympa, hyper sympa. Hopefully I’ll do well tomorrow. Rama Rama, Rama Rama!
(Rama Rama was a favourite phrase -usually to express mild shock- with the old lady who came home to cook for us. Suku would imitate her to perfection)

22nd June 2004
Gowri @ School!
Just came back from my old school…met everyone and repeated over and over again what I was doing ,what Akku was doing and what Amma was doing. Awful to repeat the same things. Cecily teacher and Anna teacher saved my day by cracking some joke about me and making me laugh. At least they remembered the funny side of me.

The memories came back and I remembered how I felt so alienated from this batch I was supposed to ‘belong’ to by the time I left school. I was nearly the only one who didn’t grow, who didn’t ‘mature’, who wasn’t interested in boys, who was still a child. Plus amma was the principal so nobody wanted to enlighten me since it might reach her ears. So that how I stayed. Well at least a few people apparently knew about my unique sense of humour. Some how on the one hand I’m glad I never grew up. I guess others were right...i was an ‘abnormal’ teenager ,a person who couldn’t accept change and growth , a person who was so naïve as to believe all the stuff that our old principal and teachers said about how ‘children must be children’ and about how grown ups were awful. Strange though it may seem even as a child I never wanted to be a ‘grown up’.
I dunno it was all sad until I sat on the swing. I went back to the time I was two and a half or three and I fell off from that swing and my nose bled. Strangely that made me considerably happier to remember that time of pristine purity-the pain of the bleeding nose now long forgotten. Then Amma was there-I must have been in nursery-and I liked her being there. And when my nose bled she took me to Dawson Sir I think in the old building and I think they gave me sugar.
(I remembered this when I read it – we had taken her and gone to watch a play by Sharanya’s class. I think she hadn’t joined school yet. Poor thing, she was hurt, but bounced back easily)

(This is a separate paragraph-no clue why it’s written)

I find it so difficult to do the right thing and even then, when somebody else doesn’t do the right thing according to me I get so pissed and quite often even go and lecture them!


  1. Would sure like to meet "Shanthi Ma'am " !

  2. very much part of my life -she is a trustee of plustrust and soemwhere along hte way she got tempted to move out of french teaching and get into developemnt sector work!
    we were collegues and aprtners in crime for 3 years tilli left hyd