Saturday, June 19, 2010


July 2nd 2004

I actually passed the French exam with a “Bien” (good ). Should’ve heard Shanti-she was euphoric. So was I since it was most unexpected. The receptionist 9at alliance) has given me a new name “bien chick”. Darned funny .
Was thinking I must call Shanti and ask if she’d be free sometime today and go to meet her and return her books. Made her a card though I don’t think it’s nearly good enough.

July 3rd 2004
Filmy Chucker!

Shanti ma’am just called.. Guess what? I believe I topped in the ‘production ecrite’ (written test). Enrolling for the next level (300) on Monday!
(Continued the same day)
I have lots to say at eh end of the day. It was great meeting friends Seva, Meghna. Amina Mity. It was real fun. Meghna loved the card. Seva thinks I’m a great poet and she wants us to write a book together. ‘Troy’ was alright. It could have been better though. You don’t even know Odysseus name or that he’s the narrator. The best part was meeting all of them . I do value them immensely.

As soon as I came there’s this phone call asking me if I could go through a movie script and act in it. Gosh! Navika told this person about me.
This movie is anon-commercial romantic comedy with three characters –a husband , a wife and a 2nd woman. Navika’s the wife and I’m the 2nd woman. It’s going to be shot by a digital camera and shown to producers. It doesn’t require great acting expertise. Just to read out dialogues. If the producers approve they’ll get proper actors.

July 4th 2004
Peas and Carrots

Today was a day of dilemmas and indecision. A day in which I had to take a decision. I read the script for the movie I spoke of yesterday. It is called ‘Peas and Carrots’ though I didn’t mange to figure out why. As far as I know it has NOTHING to do with peas or carrots. It doesn’t have much of a story and is mostly in conversation form. The only reason it manages to carry itself is its minor twists . I suppose it could be better than Hyderabad Blues though. Must ask the guy why he’s called it ‘Peas and Carrots’.
I’m going to meet Shanti ma’am tomorrow and enrol for French level 300 if all goes well. Hope it does. “May the day break!”

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  1. Remember seeing some bits of bien chick's movie role ! ( so, finally, why WAS it called Peas and Carrtot ?