Saturday, July 10, 2010


5th August 2004

Today we had our first class in social anthropology with JP Sir. Boy was it great! Anthropology includes almost everything that interests me. I must do it. I have to start research where, how? Also the first practical class of psychology. That was fun too. This new ma’am is very funny –her jokes and way of speaking. Kept laughing the whole class and it continued during French class too.

6th August 2004
Complicated situations

Sometimes life can get very complicated. THANK GOD I don’t have such problems. This issue of three friends A-B-C is so horrible. Most of last year they were inseparable friends.-damn close and all. A (male) and B (female) were going round together and all. Anyways they fought and became worst enemies.

Now there are two versions. According to B, a used to keep going home and telling people about B and C all the time. So his mum asked him if he loved B and wanted to marry her etc. So he asked her if she would marry him and stuff and she said ‘no’. They both took it light and thought they would be friends like they were. Then after a few days he told her that wasn’t able to look at her just as a friend and so she started avoiding him. Meanwhile he has gone and written all kinds of stuff about her in his diary-which he used to quite publicly carry around….Well that’s her version.

A’s version according to another friend D is that B proposed to A and they started going around together and had a good time. Then A seriously fell for her and when he proposed she ditched.

Now comes the present. Whatever the truth was/is they all (A, B, C) loath each other and B and C have gone and complained to some student leaders that A is abusing them. Believe he’s threatened to kidnap her, rape her, take photographs and stick it all over college and her home. He denies this of course.

No matter how much we speak to him it doesn’t work! But I guess we should look at it from his perspective too. He was betrayed by her. She denies everything that seems like truth to him. He wants revenge. He may have imperfections but then…why would he write false stuff in his diary? HIS PERSONAL DIARY? WHY? I dunno. Yes he’s aggressive and a little stupid at times, but then taking ‘action’ might ruin his life.

August 14th
Guess what, I met Reshma today. You can’t believe how good I felt. I met another friend too, but the greater glory subdues the lesser I guess. Believe she’s doing her Journalism and masscom in London and is here for her vacations. Anyways since she’s here and lives so close to the Alliance she’s started French. After coming back we all went to Bhongir.


  1. Seems to have had colourful friends ! A-B-C-D !

  2. the ABCD incident is so interesting to revisit. Now that everybody has a different life and nobody is friends or enemies with each other anymore. Love the Nizam stories.